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The Z71 Automotive Germ Fogger has been specifically designed and scientifically formulated to protect occupants within shared vehicles.

When activated a fine mist appears that then settles on surface contours creating a microbic barrier that destroys pathogens and viruses for up to 30 days.

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Thousands of frontline workers sharing vehicles are at a higher risk of infection from operating in such confined spaces.

Anyone sharing a fleet vehicle with multiple drivers other drivers and passengers are at a much greater risk setting for exposure to Covid-19 (and other pathogens). The Zoono Z71 Automotive Germ Fogger reduces this risk factor in the workplace by providing a microbic antibacterial safety cell within the vehicle.

Zoono Germ Fogger

A simple cost effective method to protect shared vehicle occupants.

The Z-71 Automotive Germ Fogger only takes one person and 6 minutes of their time. Once every 30 days.

  • Self-applies once you lock in the nozzle
  • Offers 100% interior coverage and up to 30 days of protection
  • Infiltrates the airflow of the car via the A/C system, making it more effective in disinfecting airborne contaminants
  • Only needs to be re-applied once every 30 days

How it works

Upon contact to any surface, Z-71 forms a mono-molecular layer.

The molecules are silane-based polymers that form a layer of positively charged molecular pins that attracts and destroys charged pathogens on contact.

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